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Lorna Morgan Presents ... Ashley Sage Ellison and Karina Hart bra and panties show with green and blue striped signed brasieres


Meet Your Hostess 30 JJ Busty Boobs Lorna Morgan. This Month In Lorna Morgan's World.
This Month In Lorna Morgan's World This Month in Lorna Morgan's World This Month in Lorna Morgan's World

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Karina Hart has HH cup bazooms, on a tight small frame with a traditional tight pussy, there's loads of tit 2 tit, pussy dildo pumping, vagina / vibrator action and cock / breast wanks inside her site.

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Karina Hart's site is one of the Score group sites, if you like big boobs and plenty of hardcore action with pumped up tits and plumped up babes this is so worth a look!

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Ashley Sage Ellison and Karina Hart match quite well tit to tit. Ashley Sage has slightly bigger boobs (32JJ boobies if you're interested), but she's also a bit plumper, while Karina Hart has a slimmer frame and she has unusually large mammaries for her size.

Ashley's a bit shy about showing of her pussy in photographs so you wont have seen much of her labia, but in this set Karina is obviously taking her ingenue big bust babe by the hand and leading her into a new world of pussy liberation. This is a pairing (double pairing if you like!) that stands out, and I'm sure Ashley will gain in confidence to show more intimate poses. Anyway arn't they so hot in this nude free gallery ...

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